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Waste Toothpaste No More With the SavePaste Toothpaste Tube

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Written by Hazel Chua | July 21, 2011

Don’t you just hate it when you’re at the last few milliliters of your tube of toothpaste and you just can’t seem to get that last bits of toothpaste out, no matter how hard you try to press or squeeze or twist that tiny tube around?

Designers Sang Min Yu and Wong Sang Lee know how you feel, which is why they came up with the SavePaste Toothpaste Tube to help you get all that toothpaste out, minus the trouble.


My mom, who’s ever the recycler, hates seeing toothpaste go to waste, so what she does is cut up the tube in half right down the middle to scrape out the remaining toothpaste. Unfortunately, sometimes she ends up cutting more than just the tube and she’s walked away with a couple of mean cuts.

SavePaste will probably put an end to all of that, I’m sure. But more than that, the materials it makes use of are similar to the one that houses ready-to-drink milk drinks, which is more environmental-friendly compared to the metal-foiled plastic tubes that are in use nowadays.

SavePasteIt’s still a concept design for now, but it’s a pretty unique one at that. It also sets out to solve a pretty common problem that I’m sure a lot of people all over the world encounter at least a few times in their life.

Who knows? Maybe we might be seeing our toothpaste in new packaging soon.

[via Yanko Design]