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Digger D-3 Robo Tank Exterminates Landmines

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Written by Range | July 24, 2011

While this isn’t something new, since the British developed these types of tanks in WWII, the robotic Digger D-3 is a modern-day take on the mine-sweeping tank. The D-3 is remote-controlled and will crawl around a minefield digging up up landmines thanks to its flail hammers.


The flail is composed of tungsten hammers that pound 10″ into the ground. For harder soils, there’s also a mechanical tiller which can plow through and rip out the mines as well. If the mines explode, the tank is supposed to be easily repairable. All the while, it’s operated remotely, with the operator a safe distance away from the exploding mines.


This tank was created by a Swiss non-profit organization, to help dig out the mines in minefields without risking the lives of servicemen and women. It’s been in Senegal, Sudan, Chad, and other places where minefields are commonplace.

The video shows the older Digger D-2 in action, but you get the idea on how it works. It can clear about 10,000 square feet per hour, which is pretty cool.

digger d-3 tank robotic mine landmines minefield

digger d-3 tank robotic mine landmines minefield

[via PopSci via DVice]