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Elite750 Email Club Will Make You Poorer But Its Makers Richer

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Written by Hazel Chua | July 27, 2011

My dad recently signed up for a country club membership which cost him a whole lot of money and a whole lot of time. I don’t really get the point of club memberships because for one, we don’t really use the facilities much, and two, the food there isn’t so great.

My dad’s reply? “It’s all about the prestige; that’s the whole point.”

While I don’t agree with his views, I don’t really care that much to start an argument about the whole thing either.


Which is why, when I chanced upon the Elite750 Premier Email Club, I immediately thought back to my dad’s response, because it’s probably to people with the same line of thinking that the people behind the club are targeting for membership.

The Elite750 club boasts of being the “World’s Most Exclusive E-mail Address.” Only 750 email accounts with handles that are followed by @elite750.com will be issued. Now here’s the kicker: the initial sign-up will cost you $7,500 and then you’ll have to shell out $750 every month to maintain the address.

Talk about costly – and unnecessary.


Aside from accepting only 750 members from all over the world, Elite750 will also be offering a limited number of slots per country. The club is currently accepting applications for membership, with a pretty snotty disclaimer at the end of the paragraph in the application page: “Elite750 reserves the right to refuse membership without a stated reason.”

You can join here if you’re interested. But honestly, I think having an @gmail.com email address is a whole lot more convenient and sensible than having an @elite750.com email box (plus we’re being kept in the dark here about the features and functionality that their email boxes provide.)

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