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Nintendo 3DS Price Slashed to $169.99

 |  |  |  |  July 28, 2011

Nintendo has announced that it is dramatically reducing the price of the 3DS. This is good news for mobile gamers that have been on the fence about whether to get one or not. The move is also likely an attempt to shore up the sagging profits at Nintendo with the console not being adopted well. When the 3DS first launched earlier this year, the console sold for $249.99 (USD).

Nintendo 3DS

As of August 12, the 3DS will have a new retail price of $169.99 all the time. That is a $80 discount and certainly makes the portable more appealing. If you recently purchased a 3DS at the old price you might be upset right now, but don’t be.

Nintendo is offering free games to everyone that already owns the 3DS. There will be 20 free downloadable games from the eShop existing users can get on the portable. The free games are offered to anyone that owns the 3DS prior to the price drop. The games will be free to any user that logs into the eStore at least once before August 11 at midnight. The games include ten NES Virtual Console games and ten GBA virtual games will be offered too.