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Adhoc Folding Canoe for a Quick Water Getaway

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Written by Range | July 29, 2011

Have you ever felt the need for an emergency boat? Nope, me neither. Well, in any case, the Israeli designer Ori Levin from Tsor Design created Adhoc, a full-sized canoe that can be folded into a bag of the size of a standard backpack. Not bad. Now, in case of a zombie apocalypse near a body of water, you’ll be ready no matter what.

adhoc ori levin tsor design foldable canoe

The Adhoc weighs only about 9 lbs., and the materials used were carefully selected to be lightweight and resilient. They include carbon fiber and Aramid, a sort of heat-resistant fabric used in racing sails. There is a corner lock that holds the telescopic poles in check and a parasol-like mechanism in the center so that the overall structure is maintained.

The boat can be assembled in about 5 minutes, which makes it a lot quicker than inflatable rafts. Although those can be inflated automatically with air canisters, I’m sure that people will find a use for this portable canoe.

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