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Water-Cooled Seat Cushion Might Make You Think You Peed Yourself

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Written by Paul Strauss | August 4, 2011

If you’ve got a fancy high-end car, you might already have heated or even air-conditioned seats. But for those of us slumming it without such schmancy features in our rides, there’s now a way to keep our butts cool on even the hottest Summer days.

Thanks to the guys at Japan’s always entertaining Thanko, you can now keep your rear end chilled even if you are used to sitting in the proverbial hot seat.


With this water-cooled cushion under your derriere, you’ll be chilling your assets from a scorching 140°F, down to a more pleasant 82°F in less than 5 seconds flat. It’s not clear how much cooler it’ll make things if it’s not that hot out, but I can only imagine that sitting on a chilled cushion of water on any hot day would help cool you down.

The gadget comes with a water pump and cooler which runs on your car’s 12 VDC cigarette lighter, and it looks like it cools not just your butt but your back too. The only problem I can see with this thing is that if you forget it’s there, you might think you wet yourself (and hopefully it’s watertight so you don’t actually wet yourself.) You can bet your bottom (dollar) that you can get the Thanko Seat Cushion over at GeekStuff4U for about $245 (USD).