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Giant Lady Sighted Bathing in Hamburg’s Alster Lake

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  August 7, 2011

A lot of people think that the bigger something is, the better. While I don’t necessarily agree, one thing “big” is definitely good for is grabbing people’s attention. I mean, would you have taken a second look at this Jack Sparrow Statue or Honeycomb Statue if it were only a feet tall? I didn’t think so.

Hamburg’s Alster Lake Giant Lady Statue

That’s probably what Oliver Voss was thinking when he made and positioned this giant statue in Hamburg’s Alster Lake on August 3 – and it will stay there on display until August 12.

The sculpture is called the “Die Badende,” which is German for “the bather.” Others have called it the “Badenixe,” which means “bathing beauty.” This beaute rises around four feet tall from the water surface, making it extremely noticeable and quite a sight to behold for passing boats and tourists.

Hamburg's Alster Lake Giant Lady Statue

It’s not very mermaid-like though, because as you can see, there are two humongous knobs directly in front of her, and I don’t think those are her elbows.

Die Badende was formed from a steel cage, that was covered with polystyrene, polyester resin, and then finished off with a coat of paint. And although she’s hollow, she weighs a ton – actually two, that is.

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