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Dell Latitude XT3 Convertible Laptop/Tablet: Everything Old is New Again

 |  |  |  |  |  August 8, 2011

In many ways, you might think that convertible laptops are a thing of the past, but there’s just something about such a multi-purpose device that makes sense for some business applications. The Dell Latitute XT3 features a swivel-screen and an integrated keyboard, so you won’t need to buy an extra one if you want to get some work done.

dell latitude convertible xt3 laptop tablet

The Latitude XT3 does have one distinct advantage over standalone tablets, as it has more CPU power than those thin devices. It has an Intel CoreĀ i3, i5, or i7 processor, and runs the full Windows 7 OS. The screen is a 13.3-inch HD LCD connected to the computer with bi-directional hinge. The keyboard comes with a backlight, which is always nice to have when you work in the dark.

dell latitude convertible xt3 laptop tablet

This laptop is compatible with all of the Dell Latitude E line of accessories and docking stations. Prices haven’t been released, but I’m curious to see if it can beat the price of a MacBook Air + iPad 2 combo. The XT2 sells for $1,930, which means that for the price of this convertible laptop, you could easily get an Air plus an iPad 2. The question is, do you want one or more mobile devices?

dell latitude convertible xt3 laptop tablet

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