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Drought Stricken Texas Town to Recycle Pee for Drinking Water

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Written by Shane McGlaun | August 8, 2011

You might think its hot where you are. However, you don’t know hot until you visit Texas in the summer. We are going on 40 consecutive days of temperatures in the 104-107°F range in many areas, and on top of the heat, we are having our annual drought and it is one of the worst ever. The heat and the lack of rain means that local lakes where many cities get their water are drying up and water is running out.

A little town called Big Spring, Texas has found that the water supply is in such crisis that it is taking to extreme measures to ensure that residents have water for drinking and cooking. The city has started laying out plans to create massive sewage filtration system that would convert urine and wastewater into drinkable water for the residents.

The process would be hygienic and use technology that is similar to what NASA uses on the ISS. Still the thought of drinking your neighbor’s urine no matter how many times it is filtered seems very disgusting. The 27,000 residents of the city typically get their water from the Colorado River Municipal Water District.

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