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The Essentials T-Shirt: This is How We Rolled

 |  |  |  |  |  |  August 8, 2011

Before these fancy electronic games, there was a time when gameplay was decided not by a team of programmers, but by one ruthless DM. When “massively multiplayer” meant having 8 players in your party at once. When one’s fate was decided not by the number crunching of sterile software, but by hard dice, shaken in the hero’s own trembling hands. When the best graphics engine was one’s imagination. Which meant my graphics absolutely sucked.

pencil paper dice friends t-shirt by seibei

You, player of roles, honor the old ways. Sell your loot and complete your quests until you have gathered $23 (USD). Then journey to the merchant SEIBEI to purchase this commemorative armor. Crafted in the image of the fabled Beatles homage by Experimental Jetset.