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Bluelounge MiniDock: Turns Any Socket into a Dock

 |  |  |  |  |  August 9, 2011

While there are some complicated-looking docks around there for your iDevices, you won’t find anything more minimal than Bluelounge’s newly released MiniDock. It’s perfect if you haven’t got the space for something bigger, and will get the job done stylishly.

dock iphone ipod bluelounge minidock socket plug

The MiniDock plugs directly into the small Apple USB power adapter, so there are no extra cables around to mess up your place. Once it’s plugged in, you just place your iPod or iPhone on top of it, and you’re ready to go.

dock iphone ipod bluelounge minidock socket plug

This dock is going to be pretty useful in places like kitchens and smaller rooms, where you can’t put something bigger. While there’s no word if it can handle the weight (or height) of an iPad, it looks like with some ingenuity, you might be able to do dock it. The MiniDock is available now and will set you back $19.95(USD) apiece (original Apple wall to USB adapter not included), and is available in versions for US, UK and EU outlets.

[via NotCot]