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Flexible PS3 Controller for Hours of Awkward Gaming

 |  |  |  |  |  August 11, 2011

Finding the normal PS3 controller a little too rigid for your liking? Maybe you want something that has a bit of a bend to it. Something that combines the bending properties of binoculars with Sony’s controller.

Well, instead of modding that favorite pair of binoculars and slapping on two halves of a DualShock, just buy this cheap looking controller. It even gives you some extra buttons in the center, though what they are for we have no clue. After playing Call Of Duty with this thing for about a week you’ll be ready for the wonderful world of hand cramping and arthritis that is sure to follow.

I looked around and I’m not sure where you would buy it (at your own risk), however you can get it wholesale here for $21.00 (USD) if you buy 1-5 controllers, or here for about $13, or lower in quantity.