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Brando Mouse with Digital Photo Frame: for Pictures of Your Palm’s Loved Ones

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Written by Lambert Varias | August 12, 2011

Oh Brando. I just knew you couldn’t stay practical and logical for long. One minute I’m writing about a perfectly sensible product with your name on it, the next you’re sending e-mails about… about this:


Yep. That’s a 1.5″ LCD screen. It displays images stored in the mouse’s built-in 8MB memory. It supports bmp and jpg files, and I think the mouse also comes with a cropping and managing tool for the pictures, although no mention is made of such a program in the product page.


You can trigger the display and browse the files manually, but you can also set the mouse to automatically play a slideshow, I guess so that your palm won’t be bored while you’re too busy looking at, I don’t know, normal sized pictures on your computer.

Brando is selling the USB Optical Mouse with Digital Photo Frame for $32 (USD). The more I look at this product, the less sense it makes. At least the weighing scale/mouse combo adds a function that you can’t get from a computer.