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Emergency Affirmation Button Gets You Out of the Dumps and Then Some

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  August 12, 2011

Off-days are unavoidable. If you find that you (or someone else you know) has been down in the dumps lately, then it’s time for some serious cheering up.

If you were able to get one of those Talking Heart Mice from a few years back, then all you need to do is give it a click or two to remind yourself that, hey, someone (or rather, something) still loves you. For everyone else, there’s the Emergency Affirmation Button.


Just press on the huge yellow smiley face and hear it utter a quick “You are awesome!” that can perk up even the lousiest and gloomiest and darkest of moods. It would also make a great gift to give someone who’s been sporting a sullen face lately. Here, watch how it works miracles:

It’s like a little happy pill that you can just push instead of pop to get some quick relief to a very blah day. These Emergency Affirmation Buttons are available from Amazon for $11.95(USD) each.

[via Foolish Gadgets]