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Braincar Splatters its Grey Matter All Over the Road

 |  |  |  |  August 13, 2011

Yes, that is a giant brain in the back of the car you see here. The car is called Braincar (surprising right) and was designed by an artist names Olaf Mooij. The artist drives the car around during the day and the little black thing on top of the brain is a camera that records his travels.

Braincar 1

At the end of the day when darkness falls, Olaf fires up a projector of some sort inside the brain and it projects video from the day onto the inside of the ginormous brain. Weird I know, but if you look at the car in action on the video below it’s actually pretty cool.

Mooij apparently crafted the giant brain out of foam glued to the cut out back of a car and then carved the foam to look like a brain. This may be the weirdest art project I have ever seen. Weird, but cool.

[via designboom]