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Cave Johnson’s Combustible Lemonade: Drinkable Meme

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  August 15, 2011

When life gives you lemons, make a flaming drink. This geeky cocktail engineered by the Insatiable Geek will surely earn the approval of Aperture Science’s CEO. Or not. The man wanted something that could burn a house down after all.

cave johnsons combustible grenade drink by insatiable geek
To make a glass of Cave Johnson’s Combustible Lemonade, you’ll need 10 oz. lemonade, 2 oz. limoncello, 1 splash Everclear (or other grain alcohol) and a grain alcohol-soaked lemon wheel. Then prepare it like so: “Cut a lemon wheel and soak it in grain alcohol while you make the drink. Mix the lemonade and limoncello into a tall glass, then float a splash of grain alcohol on top of the drink. Place the lemon wheel on the rim of the glass and ignite the top. Admire your delicious weapon, then extinguish and drink.” Finish it one go, slam the glass down and say, “We’re done here.” Then walk away. Even if you’re at home. Just walk away. It’s more bad-ass that way.

[via The Drunken Moogle via Gamefreaks]