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PixelInvaders LED Panels: All Your Pixels Are Belong to Us

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Written by Range | August 15, 2011

PixelInvaders is a computer-controlled RGB LED matrix project by Michael Vogt. The goal is to use these panels, which can be interconnected, as effect lighting in clubs, bars, fairs, museums, on stage, in a lobby or in your living room.

michu pixelinvaders pixelcontrollers led matrix panel display

Each panel measures about 31.5″ square, and has an 8×8 grid of “smart” RGB LEDs. PixelInvaders LED panels use software called PixelController to drive them. You can even control them using a MIDI device or using OSC compatible software. The hardware is open-sourced, and is targeted at geeks, artists, and DIY enthusiasts. The panels themselves are able to playback real-time generated video or simple color changes. The PixelController software was released as open-source software on GitHub.

michu pixelinvaders pixelcontrollers led matrix panel display

michu pixelinvaders pixelcontrollers led matrix panel display

To support the project and get your own PixelInvaders LED panels, you can visit the IndieGoGo PixelInvaders page. Minimum contribution is $25, but to get anything back, you’ll need to give at least $282, and that only includes the LED modules. You’ll need to spend as much as $626 for all the parts needed to assemble a full panel, or $1499 for a fully assembled and tested one.