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NES Nyan Cat Would Have Been the Easiest Game Ever Made

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  August 16, 2011

How would a Nyan Cat game be played? An on-rails shooter where the only command is to press a button to shoot rainbows out of Nyan Cat’s butt? Or perhaps a side-scrolling racing game where you press a button to propel Nyan Cat by shooting rainbows out of its butt? Or would it be pet sim where the only pet available is Nyan Cat, and the only thing it can do is shoot rainbows out of its butt?

nes nyan cat by jr barker

Whatever the case, J.R. Barker has ensured that this non-existing NES game has an awesome video game box art, modeled after Konami’s classic design. Barker also did the back of the box:

nes nyan cat by jr barker 2

I wonder what bonus you’d get when you enter the Konami Code in NES Nyan Cat. Maybe a cameo of Maru or Keyboard Cat. You can buy a poster version of the front cover over at Society 6 for $20-$30 (USD) depending on the size.

[via Rampaged Reality]