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Air Swimmers: Floating Fish for Family Fun fand Freaking Felines Fout

 |  |  |  |  |  August 18, 2011

Oh hey folks. Didn’t see you there. I was just admiring this article’s title. But on to the topic at hand: floating fish! Air Swimmers are remote-controlled, inflatable nylon balloons. Fill them up with helium, fire up the remote control and let ’em swim through the air.

air swimmers remote controlled shark

Currently, Air Swimmers come in two varieties – a clownfish and a shark. Both versions are 57″ long and 36″ high. An infra-red remote control lets you control the height and direction of its flight, but since it’s also a balloon it will float lazily on its own. Make sure you stay within 40 feet, so it’ll still respond to your whims.

The Air Swimmers seem to be such a hit that the manufacturer’s main store has been overloaded. Fortunately if you can’t get through there, you can order Air Swimmers at another store. M&M Toy Store is selling them for $40 (USD) apiece, or $72 for a combo pack. Unfortunately the shark version is out of stock. No surprise there. Here’s a tip to MWC: yes, customers want a billion varieties of Air Swimmers. All of which should be sharks. A life-sized blue whale would also be a hit.

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