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TARDIS Cufflinks: Do Doctors Wear Such Nice Shirts?

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Written by Range | August 19, 2011

I haven’t needed to wear cufflinks in ages, but these TARDIS links sure look cool. These novelty cufflinks will allow you to tailor your formal look with a bit of your inner geek. A touch more Doctor Who wouldn’t hurt anyone’s look.

tardis cufflinks doctor who geek wear

Simon Jansen made these TARDIS cufflinks using an N-scale model of a blue police box that’s been made ubiquitous by the Doctor. He made them by using a bit of light metalworking and a razor saw. Then, he painted them so that they would match the overall look of the TARDIS. Since these are quite small, it was a bit of a challenge, but they came out looking pretty great.

tardis cufflinks doctor who geek wear

In order to make your own, you’ll need to look for some UK miniature train models to find a blue police box.Then read Jansen’s brief worklog to learn how to make your own TARDIS cufflinks.

tardis cufflinks doctor who geek wear

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