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Squirt Umbrellas Collect Rain for Water Gun Chaos

 |  |  |  |  August 20, 2011

You probably never thought that you’d go back to playing in the rain again, now that you’re an adult. Designer Alex Woolley, however, has other plans. Fun plans.

Squirt Umbrella

When the sun comes a-shining, it’s time to get to work. But when the rain clouds cover the city and rain starts to pour, then it’s time to put the pens away and grab your Squirt Umbrellas for some fun under the pouring rain.

Squirt Umbrella

The design of the Squirt Umbrella is simple enough. The top of the canopy actually has a sunken area in the middle where water gathers as the rain pours. The middle part of the handle is actually hollow, so the water from the canopy funnels down into the water gun handle of the umbrella.

You probably already know what to do next. That is, if you had a childhood (which I’m sure you did.) Alex’s design is just that for now: a design. But hopefully, we could see some go into production, because I’d sure love to have one of these around.

[via Fancy via Oh Gizmo!]