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Pocket Chainsaw Makes You an Instant Lumberjack

 |  |  |  August 22, 2011

You know how it is, sometimes you are just walking through the forest and you get the sudden urge to chop down a tree, but sadly you didn’t bring a saw with you. Well, now you can carry one with you at all times, in a little tin.

With the Pocket Chainsaw, you will always be ready at a moment’s notice if and when trees need to come down. Okay, so maybe this tool isn’t going to actually chop down any large trees, but it is handy for small jobs, like the odd tree limb that needs to be chopped.

And how awesome is it that you can carry a saw with you in such a compact form? You can have it with you and be prepared without carrying a huge motorized chainsaw. It will cut things up to 3″ in diameter super fast and measures 28″ long. The Pocket Chainsaw sells for just $25 (USD) over at Amazon.

[via Redferret]