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DIY Grappling Hook Launcher is Perfect for James Bond Wannabes

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Written by Shane McGlaun | August 23, 2011

I admit that I always wanted to have a gun like James Bond had that would fire a grappling hook so you could climb a building in short order. One geek has taken it on himself to create his own grappling hook launcher. The coolest part is the dude offers up the instructions so you can make your own if you want.

DIY Grappling Hook Gun

The builder goes by crreed and there are more photos than you can shake a stick at in the Instructables post outlining every little detail of the build. Crreed tried to use easy to find parts when possible. He notes that he had to order a few pieces for the gun online though. It’s also worth noting that this dude is a mechanical engineering student at MIT, so this may not be the easiest project for you.

DIY Grappling Hook gun

The list of things you need for this build is long, but major parts are a dry chemical fire extinguisher, copper pipe, hose clamps, blowgun, and a 20-ounce CO2 canister. Check out the video to see the finished grappling hook in action.