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LocalSin App Encourages You to Sin With the Locals Around Your Town

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Written by Hazel Chua | August 23, 2011

These days, you can do anything and find almost everything with applications that you can download and run on your phone. You can bang out some awesome beats without needing any drumsticks with the TableDrum, get a virtual boob job and some lipo on the side with BuildMyBod, and name your future son/daughter with the Kick to Pick app.

LocalSin AppEverything still sounds all PG or PG-13 and wholesome, right? That is, of course, before the advent of LocalSin, which is an Android/iOS app that helps you hook up with a one night stand and increases the odds of you getting lucky by up to 90%. (I’m not sure where they got their statistics, though.)

The app has you fill out your profile, maps out your current location, and places markers on the places where other “willing” singles are waiting to hook up with someone else as well. You can check out their profiles, view a photo, and send others a message, if you’re interested in them.

LocalSin isn’t my cup of tea, but it could be yours. (And it could also attract some sexual predators and other creepy people, so better be careful if you’re planning to use this app to meet some people.)

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