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Nintendo Themed Boardwalk Cabinets: Let Wario Tell Your Fortune

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Written by Conner Flynn | August 24, 2011

We’ve seen plenty of Kody Koala’s work in the past and it never disappointments. These Custom Gaming Themed Boardwalk Cabinets however, are a whole new level of awesome.

I can only hope that we see more Nintendo characters in these cabinets. For those who may not know, in the old days cabinets like these would line the boardwalk. Some were medical quackery, claiming to heal by zapping you with a jolt of electricity, others were similar to the fortune telling machines you’ve seen elsewhere.

The Elecman (From Mega Man) cabinet was created using a Boardwalk bank from Toys r Us. That one vibrates and has LEDs, but won’t shock you. Although these look full sized, this one is just 9-10 inches tall.

The Mario Ironclaw game features all kinds of cool toys inside and was made the same way. The coolest of the trio is the Wario cabinet. Just ask him for your fortune. Your fortune is simple by the way, Wario says that he is going to win.

I wish they had stuff like this on boardwalks today. Too completely awesome. Check out all of the details on Kody Koala’s site.