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Plasticine Tatooine Honors the Lesser Known Star Wars Characters

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Written by Conner Flynn | August 26, 2011

Sure we all know Luke, Han and Chewie and the rest of the main characters from the Star Wars saga, but what about the lesser known characters? Like Bib Fortuna for instance. What’s his story, aside from being Jabba’s lackey?

Since we already know way too much about the main characters in Star Wars, Elliott Quince wanted to shed some light on some of the B, C, and D-list cast members. They are probably bitter about not making a big splash, and they probably were treated badly on set and of course he figured their lives were never the same since the movies.

Well, now you can find out for yourself how these cast members fared, since it is all in Elliot’s book, called Plasticine Tatooine. The book is clever all by itself, but the coolest part of this project is that for the pictures in the book he actually made all of the characters out of plasticine (clay).

These guys all look adorable in clay form and it makes the book worth buying at £4.95 (~$8 USD) from Plasticine Tatooine.