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Thinking of Getting the n•a•p Massaging Bed Rest? Maybe Just Get a New Couch Instead

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  August 27, 2011

Add-ons are so popular nowadays. You can just buy something to attach to your chair or table or couch or computer instead of having to buy a new piece of furniture or electronic device to enjoy the same benefits.

One major advantage to such devices is that they’re often more handy and way more convenient to install and use rather than the conventional item that already has it built in instead.

n•a•p Massaging Bed Rest

However, that’s one advantage that the n•a•p Massaging Bed Rest doesn’t really have. It’s sort of a contraption that’s meant to be placed on top of your bed so you can recline and do whatever it is that you do normally on a couch or La-Z Boy there instead. Aside from a built-in massager, the n•a•p Massaging Bed Rest comes equipped with an LED light for easy reading, huge side pockets to fit random stuff, and a cup holder.

It retails for $99.95(USD) and is a bit too bulky for my taste. Or maybe that’s because I’m a (literal) couch potato at heart. But if it’s something you’re thinking of getting, you can check out Brookstone for more info.

[via Fancy via Oh Gizmo!]