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Kandenchi Battery Mouse Feels Like You’re Using a Joystick

 |  |  |  |  |  |  August 30, 2011

Computer mice come in a lot of forms nowadays. Gone are the days of the huge and bulky mouse with the humongous scroll balls that I’ve had the pleasure of using over a decade ago. Now there are wireless mice, Oppopets mice that come with adorable animal-themed dongles, and ring mice.

Kandenchi Battery Mouse

And then there’s Elecom’s Kandenchi Battery Mouse (JP). It’s tiny and compact and comes in the shape of a battery, albeit with a simpler look and no positive or negative nodes in sight. It’s also larger than your regular D cell, but not large enough to really resemble a joystick.

Kandenchi Battery Mouse

The Battery Mouse comes with two buttons (the one at the top is for right-clicking, while the top one at the side is for left clicks) while the bottom button is a scroll wheel. It’s definitely a computer mouse that’s handy and extremely portable, but I reckon people with large hands might have some difficulty using it.

If you’re interested, the┬áKandenchi Battery Mouse will be available in October and will retail at around $65 (USD).

[via The Red Ferret Journal via Oh Gizmo!]