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Shoot This Alarm Clock Every Morning to Shut It Up

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Written by Hazel Chua | September 1, 2011

Back when I was still in college and definitely way more temperamental than I am today, I would bang my alarm clock silent (or throw it all across the dorm room) in order to shut it up and catch a few more minutes of sleep.


On some days, the wail of the alarm was enough to set me off. Overdue reports, a thesis to work on, examinations to study for – and the list goes on. If you’re knee-deep in a lot of stuff (be it for school or for work or just personal stuff) and want to somehow relieve yourself of all that early morning stress (albeit in a pretty silly-slash-serious way), then you can do so by shooting up your alarm clock early in the morning in order to keep it quiet.

No bullets involved here, but you do have to point the gun towards the face of the clock to silence the alarm. You don’t need to pull any triggers either, though I wish the manufacturers required you to pull the trigger to shut the alarm off, to make a stronger point, you know.

Nonetheless, this alarm clock with the remote control that’s shaped like a gun is still a pretty neat idea. If you want one of these, you can head on over to I Want One Of These (seriously, I love this store’s name) to get one for £22.95 (~$38 USD.)

[via Coolest Gadgets]