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Tomodachi Blocks: for Brady Bunch Convos, Impromptu Hollywood Squares Games

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Written by Conner Flynn | September 2, 2011

The Tomodachi Block system is an interesting concept that allows you to stay connected with friends by using wooden blocks that act as tiny wooden displays. Remember the intro to the Brady Bunch where they are all in a grid and yet are seemingly interacting with each other? That could happen for real with this concept.

They come from the mind of Aya Shimada. When multiple Tomodachi Blocks of your friends are stacked or close together, you can have a group conversation. Each block is dedicated to one of your friends and features a speaker and a small screen. Sensors know when blocks are combined or stacked and so they can interact accordingly. Looks like this concept also uses your webcam as a block to connect you to your friends in the same way.

I wish that we could buy these today, but alas, it is just a concept for the moment. One that we hope will arrive on the market when it becomes possible to create.

[via Yanko Design]