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Like Something In Real Life? Then Hit This Facebook “Like” Button IRL, Too

 |  |  |  |  |  September 3, 2011

In this day and age, it’s getting increasingly difficult to separate one’s virtual life from the real one. People go online to meet men (or women), message one another on Facebook, set up virtual dates, and decide to meet in real life if things go well. Companies are gauging a population’s moods via their Twitter accounts and using it as a marketing ploy (free Jell-o, anyone?)


One of the most popular social networks around is Facebook with around 750 million active users. A lot of apps have been released to try to make it easier for people to broadcast their lives online; but what about the reverse? What if you happened to just pass by a store you really liked, or saw something that you just want to tell the world about?

Cue the real-life Facebook “Like” button by Mario Klingemann. Of course, it’s virtually impossible to put up one of these buttons on every single thing in the physical world, but the idea in itself is just, well, extremely “like”-able, if you get what I mean. TheĀ Arduino-based “Like” button is actually part of theĀ “Ultra Social” UAMO-Festival 2011 that will be held in Munich.

I like Klingemann’s idea. What do you think?

[via Make: via Geeky Gadgets]