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iPhone Flask Perfect for Drunk Dialing

 |  |  |  |  |  September 3, 2011

I suppose that there’s a reason these iPhone-inspired flasks never made it to market. How easy would it be to pour booze into your iPhone if you accidentally mixed it up with this thing?


Still, I kind of like the idea behind designer Dhanai Holtzclaw’s Phone Flask as a stealthy way to carry your hooch around wherever you go. Looking very much like an iPhone 4, flicking the little “power switch” on the top allows booze pour out of the “headphone jack.” Imagine the next time you find yourself stuck in some boring-ass company meeting – just make a little marimba sound with your mouth, pull the fake iPhone from your pocket, and take a swig to take the edge off. Now isn’t that better?


Unfortunately, it looks like the Phone Flask was listed up on IndieGoGo and didn’t ever reach its fundraising goal, but maybe Apple will pick up on the idea and build in a tiny flask inside the iPhone 5. Or maybe he’ll put it back up on Kickstarter.