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(Another) Magic Mirror on the Wall Wants to Make You Over

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Written by Hazel Chua | September 6, 2011

Having another one of those off days where you just want to throw on the first few things you can grab from your closet? You probably won’t be able to leave the bathroom dressed like a fashion disaster if you’ve got this cool mirror with an attached Kinect sensor hanging inside your bathroom.

Kinect Sensor Mirror For Bathroom

It sounds a bit like the augmented reality mirror that researchers from the¬†University of London have come up with. This one, however, was thought up by the folks over at the New York Times Research & Development Lab. The mirror is basically an LCD display that’s being used under the mirror here, with a sensor perched at the top.

Aside from feeding you with your daily dose of news (from the New York Times, of course), the PC behind the mirror-slash-display makes use of the Kinect SDK and an RFID tag reader that can pull up and display information about any prescription drugs or medication that you may be taking.

It can also do a quick scan of what you’re wearing and make suggestions on what you can pair with that top or what color tie you should put on with the shirt that’s already on your back. Pretty neat, huh?

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