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ED-7270 Robot Looks Like ED2-D2

 |  |  |  |  |  September 7, 2011

R2-D2! It is you! It is you! No wait. Sorry, I got the wrong droid. I’ve been confused ever since that old man worked his wizardry on me when I was on duty at Mos Eisley. No, you are not the droid I was looking for. You’re close, but no, you aren’t him. Sorry, pal.

Yes, ED-7270 sure looks familiar. Unlike R2, this guy is designed to work in the medical field. He can remotely sense a patient’s blood pressure or pulse and will then send the info to the hospital continuously so that everyone has up to date data.

He’s perfect for hospitals and nursing homes, where he can monitor the elderly, maybe even toss them a lightsaber in a sticky situation. The bot also has a live conversation feature, which comes in very handy. At the proper time, he can simply remind patients when it’s time to take their meds. Emotions are expressed using a dot-matrix display on its head.


Right now this robot is part of a pilot project taking place in a hospital for seniors and nursing homes in Australia. It seems like a great design, even if he is a lot like R2 and it has all the right features. Check out more details here, where you can find tons of specs. This little guy could very well help some elderly patients. Just no tall golden sidekick please!

[via advancedtechnologykorea]