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Awesome Geek Lunch Bag Art

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Written by Conner Flynn | September 9, 2011

Lunch boxes are fine. You can get them in almost any geeky flavor you want, but with the graphics already on them. That takes some of the fun out of lunch. It’s far better to bring a bagged lunch and draw your own geek art on the brown bag while you are eating.

These lunch bags were created by the world’s most awesome dad, for his kids. He spends his own lunch time creating these works of art and then gives them to his kids everyday. He has a whole Tumblr page devoted to them. This guy really knows how to draw and I propose that these have an entire geek museum to themselves somewhere.

My favorites have to be…I can’t even pick a favorite. They are all amazing. Do yourself a favor and hit the link above. You will call your own dad and scold him for not being this guy.

[via Geektyrant via Geeksaresexy]