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Hitachi Intros 4TB G-DRIVE and G-RAID Drives: Fast for Macs, Slower for PCs

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Written by Range | September 11, 2011

While I agree that 4 terabytes of storage might seem like a lot to some users, it isn’t for others (me included). I’ve been delaying dealing with my hard drive capacity problems for about a year and a half and it’s gotten to the point where I’ll need a RAID array to serve my needs. Thankfully, Hitachi has just announced some new 4TB drives that will be released soon.

hitachi 4tb drive hard storage raid mac apple

The 4TB hard drives will be part of Hitachi’s G-RAID and G-DRIVE lineup of external drives. Their perforated, all-aluminum cases look pretty nice. Matching the look of the Mac Pro tower, these drives are clearly targeted at Apple users. All models will come with Thunderbolt support, while PC users will have to be content with eSATA and USB 2.0 (sorry, no USB 3.0).

hitachi 4tb drive hard storage raid mac apple

The drives will start shipping in October. Other hard drive makers will certainly release their own 4TB drives in the near future as well.