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Nintendo 3DS Sales Up 260% After Price Cut to $169.99

 |  |  |  |  September 12, 2011

The Nintendo 3DS hadn’t been selling that well since it launched. Many people are blaming the poor line up of video games for the consoles poor sales. The lineup is very sparse right now, but the bigger issue was the $250 price in many opinions. Nintendo recently cut the price of the console down to $169.99 (USD).

I wondered then if that would be a large enough price cut to woo buyers to the portable. Apparently, at least for now – the slashed price has proven to be plenty to attract buyers to the 3DS. The portable console sales have reportedly increased by 260% in the weeks since the price cut.

Nintendo sold 185,000 3DS consoles between the August 12 price cut and the end of the month according to NPD. That’s a massive increase compared to the same period in July. I can only imagine if the price cut would have been paired with some significant game launches how many consoles Nintendo might have sold.

[via Joystiq]