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iPhone 4 LED Mod: You Light Up My Logo

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  September 15, 2011

A few years back, a guy busted open his iPhone and right before he polished it to a shiny mirrored finish, he snuck a little LED behind the Apple logo so it lit up. I always thought that was a cool design touch that Apple should consider adding themselves. Well so far they haven’t, but pretty soon iPhone 4 users will be able to get their phone outfitted with an LED logo anyhow.


An outfit in the UK going by the name of iPatch (nice name) plans on offering an upgrade to your iPhone 4, which ads a lovely glowing LED behind the Apple logo. It’s designed to light up whenever your screen is on, and turns off when the screen is off. They say they’ve experienced no meaningful drop in battery life when it’s turned on, and they may offer them with colored filters too if white isn’t your thing.

The guys at iPatch say that the mod is way too involved for users to perform themselves, but will be offering the mod for between £50 and £100 (~$79 to $159 USD) once they’ve worked out all the details. Since they are located in the UK, they plan on releasing a kit for other repair shops around the globe, so they can perform the installation locally. That said, they will accept international orders, but shipping and handling may make the cost unreasonable.

They haven’t started accepting phones yet, but say they’ve got the mod design finalized and hope to release it to the public in mid-October. For more info, hit up the iPatch website. Or maybe we’ll just get lucky and Apple will finally build in a light-up logo of their own on the iPhone 5. I can dream, can’t I?

[via Cult of Mac via Wired]