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Sony Says Agree to New PSN Terms or Face Being Banned

 |  |  |  |  |  September 16, 2011

We all know that the Sony PlayStation Network was hacked into a while back and hoards of user data was stolen. That theft turned into a class-action suit and Sony wants to be sure that doesn’t happen again. Sony has apparently put a new Terms of Service update on when people log onto their PS3 or the PSN.

The new Terms of Service force two things significant new things on you. First, Sony wants you to agree that you will not be involved in a class-action suit against them. The lawsuit line is one at a time only in PSN-land. Sony also wants you to agree that it gets to pick the arbitrator of the suit if you were to sue them individually.

The wild part is that if you don’t agree to the terms you face being banned from entering PSN. Apparently, you can opt out of agreeing to the new TOS by snail-mailing Sony a letter stating as much. That little tidbit is reportedly hidden in the fine print though and most won’t see it. I wonder what they will do if a kid too young to make a binding decision agrees to the TOS. Do any of you actually read the full TOS before you accept terms?

[via BBC]