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Giant Digital Atomic Wall Clock and Thermometer: You Won’t Have Any Trouble Reading This

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Written by Range | September 20, 2011

Wall clocks are a dime a dozen, but there’s something quite appealing about this one. It’s the Giant Digital Atomic Wall Clock and Thermometer, and it’s basically one of the smaller ones that has been made a lot bigger so that you can read it from clear across your room.


The 4.5″ tall LCD numbers are visible from about 30 feet away. In addition to time in either 12 or 24 hour modes, it also displays the current day and date. Plus, you’ll get all of the benefits of knowing the exact (indoor) temperature, if you care about that. It’s made by a company that supplies these clocks for Canadian hospitals and government buildings. The clock will refresh the time each night so it’s completely accurate. It uses 3 “C” batteries to power it’s large display, and can easily be wall-mounted.

You can buy it on Amazon from American Science & Surplus for $79.95 (USD).

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