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Yale Automated Lock Opens with NFC Smartphone Tech

 |  |  |  |  September 21, 2011

I hate to have to keep a bunch of keys on my key ring. The keys rub on my leg when I drive my car, and it drives me insane. This is the reason that I bought one of those push button locks for the door so I can just enter a code and enter the house. Yale has an awesome new lock that is even easier than the keypad.

Yale NFC Lock

The lock is a deadbolt for your door and it communicates with an app on an iPhone that appears to be in some sort of NFC case. You run the app on the phone and can choose from multiple keys. When you walk up and press the smartphone to the door, it opens the lock.

This would be much better than my keypad because if my hands are full I can give the phone to someone to unlock the door for me without having to yell the code across my yard. It’s so easy, my kids could do the unlocking too. You also don’t need a Wi-Fi network or home automation to use the lock either.

No word yet on when the Yale electronic key and lock system will be available for purchase.

[via CEPro]