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Countdown Clock Keeps Track of Important Dates, or Just How Long You’ve Owned it

 |  |  |  |  September 25, 2011

With all of the modern ways (apps, iPhones, and your watch) to let you know of elapsed time, it’s kind of cool to get a desk clock that does the same. Unlike other timepieces, this thing is right in your face. The Countdown Clock reminds me of the Events Countdown Clock, but in a nicer package.

countdown clock desk digital event geek timepiece

The Countdown Clock allows you to count days, hours, minutes and seconds until important dates, such as birthdays, weddings, lunch, or your next vacation.You easily can load the clock up with your own important dates. There are control buttons that allow you to go through them quickly and select the ones you want to obsess about. You can even program it to display custom messages. It will also count upwards – so you can know how long it’s been since you started that diet, or how old your cat is.

The clock measures about 3.3″(W) x 3.7″(H) x 3.3″(D) so you can put it just about anywhere you’d like. You can find the Countdown Clock at Firebox for £19.99 (~$31 USD).

[via GeekAlerts]