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Panasonic’s HOSPI-Rimo Assistance Robot Wants to Help, Not Hurt, Humans

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Written by Conner Flynn | September 26, 2011

Panasonic has announced a new communication assistance robot called HOSPI-Rimo. Don’t worry, he quite literally isn’t armed. That means that it should be harder for this guy to kill you either – intentionally or by accident.

As a matter of fact, HOSPI-Rimo is all about helping humans that require assistance and thereby making their lives easier. The HOSPI-Rimo specifically helps those humans who are bedridden or just can’t move about.

Having HOSPI-Rimo around means that they will be able to talk to the doctor even when he is in a different area of the hospital as if he were in the room talking to you face to face. That goes for family as well. The HOSPI-Rimo also has their medication needs covered since it will deliver medication. It won’t be long before this bot is put into service across Japan. I think doctors will get sick of this one really quick since it allows patients to bother them at their leisure about any little thing.

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