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Wall-mounted Game & Watch Good for a Few Games, Not Very Portable

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Written by Hazel Chua | September 28, 2011

One reason why handheld video game consoles were (and are) so popular is because they’re extremely portable. Most of them can be folded up or kept in cases and then stowed away in a purse or backpack, ready to be taken out for another round of gaming when the opportunity arises.

Giant Game Boy Shaped Like NESBut if you happen to have really fat fingers and are a pretty huge person overall, then you might appreciate having a larger of the gaming console. Pictured above is the wall-mounted gaming portable(?), although its case , which looks and plays just one of those old Game & Watch handheld video games.

I mean, if we’ve got giant iPhones (although limited in functionality) and giant bathing ladies, then why not a giant Game & Watch?

Giant Game Boy Shaped Like NES

The giant Nintendo Game & Watch was made by Tobie Nortje for the reception area of 21tanks. It was built using a computer monitor embedded in the oversize case, while the buttons are connected to an Arduino control board. Signals are sent back and forth from the controls to a PC, allowing users to play games from the classic platform, in this case, powered by PicaPic.

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