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Pure Contour Internet Radio: Hands-On Review

 |  |  |  |  |  September 29, 2011

Looking at the specs and the design, the Pure Contour should be a great all-around device featuring DAB, FM radio, iPod and iPhone dock, and Internet radio. Well, Pure sent me a unit so I could check it out and let you know what i think. What did I think? Read on.

First, the design looks of the Pure Contour are pretty awesome and modern. My wife says it looks ugly, but I like it. Looks kind of Space Agey. Upon getting it out of the box, the first thing I noticed was the Nylon-type covering all across the front side. I wouldn’t care, but this is the soft kind of grille cloth generally found in front of most speakers and you know what that means. This thing will be a dust collector. In a month or two your cool radio is going to look all grey and cobwebby. I wasn’t thrilled about that design choice, but whatever. Pure has a good track record, so I can forgive that.

The control area on the front, with its backlighting, looks great. However, you’ll want to use the remote for everything, since the buttons on the control area are horrible and often unresponsive. At least on the review unit that I got. This was my biggest source of frustration with this radio. Yes, you have the remote, thank God, but if you pay for a radio like this, you want it all to work. These controls will drive you up a wall if you have to type in your Wi-Fi Key without the remote.

Behind the control area is the iPod dock. Just push and it slides out nicely. You get several inserts to make sure that the full range of Apple iPod and iPhone products is compatible. No iPad compatibility here though folks. Also, opening the control panel to expose the iPod dock tray doesn’t automatically change it to iPod mode, which it really should.

The radio measures about 15″ long at the base and it’s about 9″ tall.   The device has a small footprint considering that the sound will fill a very large room. The sound is amazing and it seems like it would fill even a mansion sized room. Sadly though, it suffers from some severely sluggish operation. Unfortunately, it takes far too long to load screens, change radio channels, etc.

In back there is the telescopic aerial that will easily find stations and jacks for Headphone and Aux In along with Composite and S-Video outputs.Along with the remote and main control panel, there are some controls up top along the length of the device, like volume up, down, power and mute.

The final word is that the Pure Contour Internet Radio delivers great loud audio, but misses the mark in many other areas. The control panel is horrible, the overall design could be improved and it is too sluggish. You expect more from a company like Pure, and I’m hopeful they will correct these flaws in what otherwise is a great-sounding and cool-looking device.