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Angry Birds Speakers are, Well, Angry, Birds, Speakers (and Pigs)

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Written by Paul Strauss | September 30, 2011

Do you like Angry Birds? Of course you do. And just when I thought we might be on the precipice of them birds and pigs finally jumping the shark, along comes the most perfect Angry Birds licensed product yet. The Angry Birds speaker series.


Matching the exact proportions and shape of the grumpy catapult-flung avians, these speakers from gear4 would look great in a kid’s room, or on your desk at work. The speakers come in three styles: one angry red bird, one explosive black bird, and one slightly protected green piggy, who also has an iPod dock built into his helmet.


Both of the birds also come with docks, but they’re standalone units that sit next to the birdies.  I personally still think the red bird is the most useless bird in the whole game, so I’d have to go with the black bomber if I were to buy one of these.


All three speakers will soon be arriving from gear4. The red bird speaker sells for $79.99(USD),while the larger black bird goes for $99.99, as does the green pig. I wonder if they play any sounds other that Ba-kaaaaaw!