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Rocketfish PadPivot Turns iPads into ThighPads

 |  |  |  |  |  |  September 30, 2011

Sure, you can get a tablet stand for less than a dollar, but if you want something more versatile you’re gonna have to shell out a little more. No, I’m not talking about this contraption. I’m talking about the PivotPad by Rocketfish. You can use it to prop up your tablet, eBook reader, smartphone, baby for handsfree operation. No desk? No problem. Just use your thigh:

rocketfish padpivot

The PadPivot has two main parts – a curved base and a reusable and washable adhesive panel – connected by a ball-and-socket joint. You can use it on a desk like you would any other stand, but if there’s no flat surface nearby, just bring your thigh into the equation. I’m not sure if the base can accommodate thighs of all sizes, but it does come with a complementary thigh strap to further secure the base. The PadPivot can easily be fully disassembled and folded when you’re done using it.

You can order the PadPivot from BestBuy for $40 (USD). Thigh not included.

[via Ubergizmo via OhGizmo!]