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Sonic Green Hill Zone Theme Song: Nothing to Do With Muppets

 |  |  |  |  September 30, 2011

When you start watching this video, you’re going to say to yourself, why am I watching a clip of the Jim Henson Google Doodle puppets speaking in Portuguese? And then you’ll turn on the closed captioning and realize that they’re actually talking about video games, and it’ll start to make just slightly more sense in the context of what is to follow.


Once you get past the slightly inappropriate Muppets, (or you just skip to about 0:38 in the clip), you’ll be treated to an awesome rendition of the classic Green Hill ZoneĀ  theme song from the original Genesis/MegaDrive Sonic the Hedgehog, performed by musician Sonaje. Here, check it out:

See, wasn’t that worth it? I especially love the fact that he’s not just playing the theme song on guitar and piano, but actually making the sound effects for Sonic grabbing up rings, jumping and spinning.

If you enjoyed the performance enough to put it on your iPod, you can grab an MP3 of the track here.