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Magnetic Nail Polish for People with Magnetic Personalities

 |  |  |  |  |  October 3, 2011

I used to bite my nails all the time when I was a kid. To deter me from my bad habit, my mom would put on two coats of nail polish in bright colors. I eventually kicked my bad habit, but not before developing a huge love for nail polish.

Magnetic Nail PolishThe latest one that caught my eye is Magnetic Nail Polish. At first, I thought that it was like a paint-on magnet (for your nails) that was just for silly purposes. However, you won’t really be left with magnetic fingernails with this polish.

The nail polish by Nails Inc. actually has some iron powder mixed into it. After putting on a generous coat on your nails, just hold the cover above your nail while the polish dries.


The cap actually has an embedded magnet that re-aligns the magnetic iron powder in the nail polish, so when you move the cap away (after the polish dries), you’ll have a unique and awesome wave-like pattern on your nails that’s hard to replicate sans the magnets.

[via Cool Hunting via Oh Gizmo!]