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SpyFinder Personal Hidden Camera Detector: AKA Sex Tape Preventer

 |  |  |  |  October 6, 2011

Aside from alarm clocks, one other gadget that companies and designers get tired of coming up with new instances of are hidden or spy cameras. The device you’re using to read this post could have a hidden camera in it. Hell, you could be a hidden camera for all I know. Who knows? This hidden camera detector knows. Because it detects hidden cameras.

spyfinder personal hidden camera detector

To use the camera, simply look through its lens, press its button and then “scan the room at a slow and methodical pace.” Like a boss. Spy. Like a boss spy. You should then see any camera lens flash red, as shown in the video below:

You can order the SpyFinder Personal hidden camera detector from Spytronic for $99 Canadian (~$94 USD). Next step, a hidden hidden camera detector. Or a hidden camera that looks like a hidden camera detector. Or a hidden camera detector that looks like a hidden camera. Get on it folks. And by folks I mean Brando.